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Shanelle & David
Persistence pays off Love in Las Vegas

Shanelle & David met at 18. They became buddies and over the years David would continuously check in on Shanelle to see how she was doing and what was new in her life. Eventually his persistence paid of and she agreed to get together!

Now engaged, Shanelle & David attended a Brides Across America Signature Event, and Shanelle picked the dress to go along with the ring.

Why We Chose them

The Story that captured our hearts

"I'm so excited to come in today [#VEGASSTRONG EVENT], to my home town of Las Vegas with my very first best friend, to find a gown. It'll be hard without mom, but Brides Across America is making it feel like mom is here with me"

It was so special that David chose to serve in the military because my mom served in the Air Force! She passed away suddenly a few years ago- and it means the world to me that she knew David and was able to share her military experiences with him. Being a part of the military now, makes me feel like she's with us!

David chose to enlist because The Green Beret motto really spoke to his heart 'liberation of the oppressed' he passed Green Beret selection and began training in SOCM- the medic training. It was an incredibly trying time for him and for us- long distance is so difficult. He trained for almost two years as a Green Beret medic but was injured in land navigation and has been reclassified as a tanker.