Heidi Janson
Founder & CEO

"Brides Across America has become my life's work and proven immensely rewarding. When you start seeing the transformation in brides and the hope you're giving, it's inspiring. We're giving them their dream come true and a moment in time they will always remember."

Meet the Founder

In 2008, I embarked on a mission to uplift impoverished women by fostering the growth of their own microenterprises. While conducting research, I stumbled upon an article featuring a soldier who expressed feeling forgotten amidst the turmoil of Afghanistan. Reflecting on this, I realized how easily we overlook the blessings of our everyday lives. Driven by gratitude and a desire to make a difference, I resolved to give back and express appreciation to those who selflessly dedicate their lives to protect ours.

At the time, I was expanding my bridal salon and decided to kick off Independence Day with the first free wedding gown giveaway.  For two days, we gave away 60 wedding gowns to military brides.  The brides were filled with happiness and tears that I knew at that time this was my journey to continue to transform these women. Most of them were waiting for their loved one to return home from Iraq or Afghanistan, some of them had babies that were never seen by their spouse, and the reality of the financial struggle to make the wedding happen existed.  News flew from coast to coast of when the next giveaway was going to be and that was the stepping stone of the charity.

The charity has given over 28,000 wedding gowns to date.  I wanted to make sure that BAA gave away the gowns for free since our veterans and first responders put their lives on the line for us. I believe the charity has given more to me and improved me as a person.  Giving back to someone in need is the most rewarding and selfless act that I could have done.  By helping others and planting seeds of greatness, I believe each person can strive for their dreams.

Heidi Janson