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You may be able to save some time by reviewing our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer for which you are looking, please contact us.

General Questions

Can I bring guests with me and do they have to make a $99 donation?
Only the bride needs to register and make a donation to attend the event. You may bring as many guests as you would like.
I won’t be able to make it to the event can I have a refund?
Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds as this is a tax deductible donation. However, if you can’t make your event, you may have your registration transferred to another event.
Do veterans qualify for the event?
Yes! We accept military veterans that have served within the last 5 years. Please review qualifications on the registration information page.
Do you accept other areas of service?
BAA includes all mobilized reservists as well as first responders (and fiances), including police, fire, 911, EMT/paramedics, correctional officers. See qualifications.
Can someone else attend the event for me?
We believe this is a special moment for a bride to be to find her dream gown. Unless there are special circumstances, the bride must attend to be able to select her gown.
When is the last day I can register for the event?
You can register up until the day of the event to attend. However, sizes are limited So it is best to register at least a week before for a good selection.
What if I can’t make an event or miss an event?
If you miss an event, BAA holds events twice a year: July and November.  If you need a gown before then, BAA has an online selection of gowns to choose from for a minimal cost to cover shipping and handling. If you need financial assistance please email us.

Dress Donations Questions

I want to donate my gown but it is older than 4 years of age?
BAA tries to provide gowns that are current in style and keeping with the latest trends. If you think your gown can be passed on please make an inquiry.
My gown is preserved can you use it?
Please check your gown over before you send it for any discoloration.  A gown can oxidize after the cleaning process. Make sure your gown falls within the 4 year age limitation.
Will you clean my gown if it is soiled?
Yes, if your gown meets the age requirements, you may ship your gown with a $175 tax-deductible donation for us to clean it.
Do you take vintage gowns?
If you have a gown that could be passed onto a military bride please inquire and fill out the form. You may also email photos to make sure we can pass on your gown.
What else do you accept for donation?