Directed Giving... Helping One Hero at a Time.

Launched in 2017, Bride Across America is now making directed giving possible on our website. Over the course of a typical year we are overwhelmed by the personal stories submitted to us -- whether in a thank you note, contest submission or social media. So that we can make more wedding dreams come true for our military and first responder couples, we are calling for personal stories and requests on our website and look forward to hearing yours or your loved one's.

Directed Giving Past, Present and Beyond

We began directed giving shortly after our inception in 2008. Since then we have gifted a dozen and amazing all expenses paid by our hosting partner and nearby businesses. 

Past Directed Giving - Stars & Stripes Weddings

While it is extremely to help a deserving couple in such a significant way, we think we can do better by making substantial but smaller gifts to a wider range of recipients. This year we are proud to have held two amazing all expenses paid weddings (valued at over $25,000 each) at The Barn at Forevermore Farm in Moore, SC and the amazing Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys.

Directed Giving in 2018 and Beyond

Our 2018 directed giving initiatives are centered on -- but are not limited to -- three concepts:

  • Bridal Look in a Box - The complete look for the bride: dress, veil/tiara, belt, shoes, accessories and more.
  • Help a Couple - Financial support for a specific couple with a compelling personal story.
  • Adopt a Hero - Financial support for a hero in your life with a compelling story or unique challenges.
  • Honor a Loved One - Financial support in honor of a military or first responder -- current or retired.

Get Involved

Please see our website for more information, or if you wish to help with directed giving, honor a loved one or couple, or sponsor a directed giving initiative such as a Stars & Stripes wedding.